Class Descriptions

Foundational Styles:

Breaking (B-Boy/B-Girl):

One of the four original elements of Hip Hop. Students will learn toprock, floorwork, and freezes, which are the components that make up the style. They will gain knowledge on how the dance was created, the various styles within the dance, choreography, and tricks they can incorporate into their dance. Throughout the class, dancers will understand body placement and how to transition in and out of difficult movement.


One of the funk styles, popping, is a dance based on the flexing and releasing of the muscle. Students will learn the proper technique of popping, the many different styles within popping, and how to change up their dynamics from hitting hard to moving smoothly.


Another funk style within Hip Hop. Dancers will learn the correct terms that go with the different moves, the proper groove, and the history behind the dance. This class is guaranteed to have you smiling.


A style that was created in the underground clubs. This style is very light on your feet and will have you moving quickly and smoothly all at the same time.


One of the main components that must be present within Hip Hop dance. This class will break down the many grooves and show you how different typed of music can make you groove in different ways. Dancers will also learn how you can relax your body and get completely lost in the music.

Urban Choreography:

In this class, dancers will learn how to mix many different street styles together in a combination. This is where students will be able to utilize the techniques they have been working on and put them to music. From old school to today's top hits, you never know what exciting dances you will learn.

Street Jazz:

Where many different styles of dance all come together to meet today's hottest hits. This class will combine dynamic movements, musicality, and stage presence. Each teacher brings their unique style to every class; always leaving the students with something to continue to work on.

Mock Audition:

Whether you would like to be a professional dancer or just want to understand the dance industry a little more, this class will give you all the insight you need. Learn how auditions are run, what you will be required to bring with you, and how to be successful and book the job.