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Ms. Vee

Valerie Ho, also known as “Ms. Vee,” is a multi-faceted dancer and performer whose movement background includes Hip-Hop (Freestyle, Breaking, Popping, Locking), House, Chinese Dance, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern, Swing, Salsa, Chinese Martial Arts (Wushu), Capoeira, and Yoga.

Specializing in street dance and Hip-Hop culture, Ms. Vee has studied with such greats as Mr. Wiggles, Skeeter Rabbit, Popin Pete, Greg Campbellock Jr., Ken Swift and Buddha Stretch, to name a few. Performance highlights include dancing for Queen Elizabeth II and in the Off-Broadway and touring productions of Rennie Harris’ Legends of Hip-Hop, performing with the renowned Hip-Hop companies Moptop Music and Movement and The Groovaloos, and touring the world with Strathcona Chinese Dance Company.

As a dance instructor, Ms. Vee’s knowledge of teaching methodology (Bachelor’s of Education), understanding of human movement (Bachelor’s of Human Kinetics), and experience since 1993 with all levels and all ages create a fun, challenging, and informative class. Ms. Vee has also been on the Broadway Dance Center Faculty since 2004.